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Social Justice Works! The Aaronson Fund was created to honor the legacy of progressive education, to salute those who are continuing the struggle for a just and equitable society, and to provide financial support for high school graduates of the Cambridge Public Schools who are working for social justice in a variety of fields.

Dear Friends and donors

Dear Friends and donors to SJW, Supporters, and CRLS Alum: Social Justice Works: The Aaronson Fund is devoting this year’s (’08-’09) organizing efforts on visibility and networking. We will devote this year to reaching out to you to help us promote our cause and build our SJW network. We will update and upgrade our webpage to help us build a network that will identify and locate CRLS alumni doing social justice works and link them with one another.

Greetings and "Heads Up!"

Greetings, Friends and Supporters of Social Justice Works: The Aaronson Fund.
SJW is a work in progress. Given these perilous economic times SJW: The Aaronson Fund is shifting priorities from direct fund-raising to enhancing our visibility and building our social network, connecting our dedicated CRLS social justice workers (alum) with one another and to our SJW Foundation, friends and supporters. Yes the times are perilous, but embedded within these grave challenges lie great opportunities and potential for radical restructuring and restoration.
One step towards this is the establishment of my new blog "Social Justice Works" with links to our webpage, The blog begins as a "heads-up, you all!! These are brief remarks and speeches and I have written promoting and publicizing SJW, and also op ed pieces and letters-to-the-editors in various publications that relate to the issues of promoting and defending social justice work in our immediate community. Read on, and talk back.

Peace is the journey. Justice is our work.

The Aaronson Legacy
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